Karakal Squash Racquets 2010/2011

This year Karakal is sponsoring the Whistler Squash Club. Through this sponsorship, club members will have access to special pricing not available in Retail Stores. Proceeds will go to support our Junior program.


The following prices are for Whistler Squash Club Members only. Prices do not include GST, and checks are to be made out to the Whistler Squash Club.


To order any of the items listed below, please contact Rob Eberhard at roberteberhard@mac.com.

Note: With today's technology, Karakal racquets are lighter and more durable then ever before. This is obtain by strengthening the racquet in areas of anticipated stress. Be aware though that due to the nature of the game all racquets are susceptible to breakage. Racquets that are broken almost always brake because of stress on the racquet in a manner that it was not designed for.